Calling All Oceana Residents With a Sweet Tooth: Here Are 18 No-Bake Desserts to Help You Beat the Heat This Summer

June 25, 2015

Once the heat of summer rolls around, it becomes more and more tempting to get out from behind the stove, turn off your oven at Oceana, and explore recipes that require little to no cooking. And we're not just talking fruit salad and gazpacho, either!

No-bake desserts are a deliciously cool way to beat the summer heat — and sate your sweet tooth at the same time. Check out the link below to find 18 different no-bake desserts, from refrigerator cakes and banana-yogurt pops to ice cream pies and mousse cups.

Tell us, Oceana residents: What's your favorite summertime treat? Do you prefer to cool off with a juicy slice of watermelon or something more decadent, like ice cream?

18 No-Bake Summer Desserts [Woman's Day]

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