It’s a Scorcher Out There, Oceana! Tell us: What’s Your Favorite Summertime Craft to Make Inside?

July 30, 2015

As much as we love the bright sunshine and blue skies of summer, there's something to be said for a day spent cooling off in the AC — especially when the kids are happily occupied! Check out our some of our favorite kid-friendly crafts below, then tell us, Oceana: What's your favorite summertime craft when it's too hot to be outside?

1) Summer Skies Jello Snack []
The sun might make it too hot to be outside, but that doesn't mean you can't bring the sunshine indoors! Case in point: this cute and edible craft, which recreates the look of a summer sky using blue Jello and a can of whipped cream. Yellow construction paper is cut into the shape of a sun, then added to each Jello cup for a summer-y treat. Kids will love giving their craft a taste-test!

2) Painted Nature Collage []
Finally! A way to make use of those stones, shells, sticks, and pine cones your kids gather during nature hikes and beach trips! To make this collage, press air-dry clay into a photo frame (remove the glass first), then invite the kids to push their organic treasures into the clay before it hardens. You can leave the collage as-is, or have the kids paint it!

3) DIY Bubbles []
While you wait for the weather to cool down a bit, try your hand at making your own backyard bubbles! There are many different recipes out there, but the most successful recipes are said to involve some combo of dish soap, corn syrup, glycerin, and distilled water.

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