Stuck Inside at Oceana? These Great Indoor Games Will Keep Even the Smallest Family Members Occupied!

January 29, 2016

Cold, winter weather often means being stuck inside at Oceana, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. From the adults in the family to the youngest children, these fun, indoor games will keep your whole crew entertained.

Freeze! [Today’s Parent]
This kid-friendly game is sure to elicit a whole lot of laughs from your little ones. Simply play a few of their favorite songs on your CD player or iPod and instruct them to dance until the music stops. Whenever you hit the “pause” button, your little dancers have to strike whichever pose they were already doing and hold it until the music starts again.

Family Photo Bingo [Parents]
Create your own bingo cards using photos of different family members. Instead of calling out letters and numbers, call out each family member’s name for participants to cover with a small token or even a real bingo dabber.

Sticks and Spoons [Great Group Games]
For adults and older kids, this agility game will offer hours of screaming fun. The object is for each person to put as many marbles into their own plastic cup as possible by using only a spoon attached to the end of a 4-foot long stick. The cup has to stay on the floor at all times, and whoever has the most marbles after 5 minutes wins!

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