Here are Some Fun Activities to Do While Waiting for Spring!

February 28, 2017

Now that the holidays are over, you're likely anxious for winter to end and warm spring weather to come back around. Here are a few fun activities that you can do while winter is winding down!

  • Get a jump start on your spring cleaning. While springtime is the time when most people deep clean their homes, many people are starting this type of cleaning early, when the weather is still too cold to go outside. If you're bored indoors, it's a great time to strip the bed linens, scrub the floors, dust on top of countertops and do a closet purge.
  • Tackle a DIY project. If there's a DIY project that you've always wanted to try, make the most of a weekend indoors and get it done. Try making a rustic wooden ladder to hold blankets, create a whole chandelier of potted plants, or even a make a mid century modern-inspired woven bench.
  • Take up a hobby. If you've always wanted to tap into your creative side or learn a new skill, now is the time! Learn how to knit with a simple online tutorial, take up watercolor painting or try your hand at indoor gardening.
  • Make a list of goals. The winter is a great time for self-reflection. When you're stuck inside on a cold day, take some time to map out your goals for the rest of the year. Are you hoping to get fit, to get a promotion, or to take a big trip? Whatever your goals may be, writing them down will help you to stick to them.
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