Ready for School? Check If Your Kids Have These Often-Forgotten Essentials

September 5, 2017

Now that the kids are back in school, you may be wondering if there are any essentials that you forgot to purchase. From the right shoes for their extracurricular sports teams to the healthiest, simplest foods for their after-school snack, these are some great must-haves to make your school year easier.

  • A light jacket. Now that the mornings are a bit chillier, your child may need a lightweight jacket to wear while waiting for the bus in the mornings.
  • Sporting equipment. Check in with your children early in the school year to see which (if any) extracurricular sports they're interested in playing. If you know what your calendar will look like ahead of time, you can stock up on any essentails shoes, apparel or gear and shop for the best bargains.
  • After-school snacks. While you've likely stocked the fridge with nutritious foods for school lunches, do you have the right snacks to prepare when the kids get off the bus in the afternoon? Stock up on things like sandwich supplies, whole grain crackers, fruit and veggies with dip to keep the kids satisfied until dinnertime.
  • A back-up ride. You may intend to pick up your kids after every school day, baseball practice or musical rehearsal, but sometimes, things just come up. In those instances, it's always handy to have a back-up person in mind who can give your child a ride home.
  • A shower schedule. Since things are a bit more relaxed in the summertime, your family likely doesn't have a hard time finding time to shower. Now that the school year is back in full swing, however, you may want to create a shower schedule to ensure that everyone gets a fair amount of time in the bathroom.

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