Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

October 31, 2017

Didn't have time to prepare a Halloween costume in advance this year? No worries! Here are some fun and simple Halloween costume ideas for any party, trick-or-treat or work evemt.

It's Raining Men. Put on a rain coat, boots and carry an umbrella, and then attach cut-outs of your favorite male celebrities to create this last-minute costume.

Fork in the Road. Attach hashed lines to the center of a black T-shirt, and then glue a plastic fork to create a costume based on this age-old expression.

Minnie Mouse. Attach polka dots to a red skirt, slip on some yellow shoes and top it off with cute black mouse ears to create this simple Minnie costume.

Deviled Egg. Add a yellow yolk to the center of a plain white T-shirt, then wear some devil horns and a tail to transform yourself into a deviled egg.

Dust Bunny. This funny costume is cute and quirky. Make your own bunny ears from felt and a headband (or buy them from a store), and then attach some tulle to a T-shirt to create the look of dust.

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