It’s Almost Back-to-School Time! How to Prep for the 2019-20 School Year

August 20, 2019

It might be hard to believe that summer’s almost over, but with Labor Day right on the horizon, it’s a fact that’s impossible to ignore. That means it’s time to start shifting back into your school-year routine before your child’s first day. Make the transition as smooth as possible by following these preparation tips.

  1. Arrange a pre-first-day playdate or school visit. If your youngster tends to get nervous about the first day of school, ease his fears by arranging a get-together with another kid in his class or by attending an orientation where you can meet his new teacher. This way, he’ll recognize one or two faces on the first day.

  2. Take inventory of school supplies, and then restock. Before you head out for your back-to-school shopping, sift through your apartment to see what you already have from last year. Make note of what you need, and then bring the kids along to do some shopping—this will help get them excited about going back to school!

  3. Choose extracurriculars. From sports to band, your little ones probably have lots of after-school options. Help them pick one or two and get them registered well in advance.

  4. DIY a schedule with pictures... In order to keep things running smoothly at home, make a schedule for your family with pictures for younger kids. Then they’ll know exactly what’s expected of them and when, which can also alleviate school stress.

  5. ... and pencil in a weekly night off. With lots of after-school activities comes an inevitable amount of running around! Make things easier by scheduling at least one free night each week when everyone is at home together, relaxing and catching up on homework or projects.

  6. Make homework more fun with a supply station. If it’s a struggle to get your kids interested in homework, entice them with a cart stocked with brand-new crayons, markers, colored pencils, and other supplies they might need. The novelty of it might help to motivate them.

  7. Set boundaries with electronics. Before the first day, make sure your children know what’s expected of them in terms of screen time. Set reasonable guidelines, and make sure they understand the guidelines to avoid tantrums later on.

  8. Gather the family for a meeting. In order to get everyone on the same page about screen time, school-year schedules, and everything else, it’s smart to host a family meeting at least a few days before school starts.

  9. Get backpacks and outfits ready to go. The night before the big day, make sure everything is ready to grab and go in the morning (in case your kids have trouble waking up on time). This includes a packed backpack, lunch, and a first-day outfit.

  10. Pack colorful and balanced bento-box lunches. Speaking of school lunches, it’s important to create variety in order to keep your kids healthy and interested in eating new foods. Jump on the bento-box bandwagon and mix and match different proteins, fruits, and veggies each day so that little ones really enjoy their lunchtime. Don’t be afraid to throw in a dessert here and there, too.

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