10 Ways to Stay Busy at Home Right Now

April 16, 2020

There are many challenges that come with the current state of the world, but if you have kids, boredom might be at the forefront right now. If your family is having trouble staying entertained while you stay at home, here are a few ways to break up your days—check out this at-home resource guide and activity checklist for even more options.

  1. Try DIY. If your kids are artsy, craft time might be the perfect way to help pass the time. Work with what you have. If you only have paper and markers, host a contest to create the most life-like drawing of a room in your home. If you have more art materials on hand, DIY a new piece of decor for your apartment.

  2. Take a virtual vacation. You might not be able to hop a plane right now, but thanks to a few creative folks, you can still explore much of the world. For instance, go for a virtual adventure on one of Disney World’s most famous rides with these videos.

  3. Explore a museum online. Similarly, many museums have opened their doors to the public (online) in recent weeks. Take a family tour of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. or explore the Musee d’Orsay in Paris.

  4. Get fit. Are you missing your regular fitness routine? Try streaming workout classes right in your living room. Many yoga, CrossFit, and other fitness studios have started offering their routines online (some of them for free). And that’s in addition to the huge variety of free workout classes that are always available on YouTube.

  5. Catch up on the news. Although it’s probably a good idea to limit your news intake somewhat, it’s still important to stay informed. From The Wall Street Journal to The Washington Post, many major publications are offering their articles online for free right now.

  6. Plan a virtual party. Whether it’s Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts, you’ve probably found a video chatting platform that works well for your family by now. Use it to host a “party” with friends and family who you can’t see in person right now. Plan a game or enjoy a meal “together.” 

  7. Have a family movie night. Even Netflix might be starting to lose its appeal at this point, but there’s an easy way to bring back the novelty! Instead of just sitting down in front of the TV, transform your living room into a movie theater. Pick a brand new movie, pop some popcorn, and even make paper tickets, if you’re feeling extra creative!

  8. Let celebs read to your kids. Storyline Online has been helping out parents long before stay-at-home orders were in place! It plays host to a huge YouTube library of celebrities reading favorite children’s books, from Kristen Bell reading Quackenstein Hatches a Family to Oprah reading The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen.

  9. Create a WFH haven. If working from home has been a challenge, set aside some time to create a space that makes it a little easier. You can get your kids in on the action or let them listen to a story while you tackle this task. Better lighting, a houseplant or two, and a dedicated desk or table will make your workspace more pleasant and functional.

  10. Talk to your little ones. Adults aren’t the only ones stressed out right now, so don’t brush the current situation under the rug. Reassure your children that the way things are right now is just temporary, and honestly answer any questions they have to help assuage their anxiety.

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