May Is Military Appreciation Month

May 15, 2020

Happy Military Appreciation Month! The month-long holiday dates back to 1999, when Congress decided that the heroes defending the nation required more than just a day of celebration. They elected to dedicate the entire month of May to the military, and that tradition continues to this day. In honor of Military Appreciation Month, here are a few ways you can honor the troops.

  1. Have little ones write notes to service members. A thank-you note carries more weight for active-duty members than some will ever know. Encourage your youngsters to write letters or emails of gratitude and pen a few yourself, then mail them out to one of the organizations that work to disperse them. 

  2. Donate to organizations that support members of the military and veterans. The Wounded Warrior Project. The Armed Forces Children’s Education Fund. The American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services. These are just a few of the organizations that support members of the military. Consider donating your money or time to them this May as a different way of saying thank you.

  3. Proudly wear your Military Appreciation Month gear. There’s a full line of National Military Appreciation Month gear that can help get the word out about the celebration! And buying a t-shirt or two is actually a good way to give financially to the cause, too, because a portion of the proceeds goes to the Armed Forces Children’s Education Fund. You can shop the line here.

  4. Celebrate special days throughout the month. From Armed Forces Day (May 16th) to Memorial Day (May 25th), Military Appreciation Month is filled with more specific days of celebration. Make sure you set aside time on these days to honor those affected.

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