10 Super-Simple Decor DIYs for Fall

Autumn has arrived, and with it changing leaves, trips to the pumpkin patch, and all the freshly harvested apples you can eat. If you want your decor to reflect the new season, try one or two of these easy DIY projects.  Pumpkin Mason jars. Transform standard Mason jars (or really any jar) into a cute pumpkin […]

September Is National Preparedness Month

Sometimes you’ll get a warning when a disaster is about to strike, but more often than not, they arise unexpectedly. But that doesn’t you can’t be prepared. Arm yourself with knowledge about potential emergencies and make sure you’re ready for anything. Now is the perfect time to do it, given that September serves as National […]

It’s Almost Back-to-School Time! How to Prep for the 2019-20 School Year

It might be hard to believe that summer’s almost over, but with Labor Day right on the horizon, it’s a fact that’s impossible to ignore. That means it’s time to start shifting back into your school-year routine before your child’s first day. Make the transition as smooth as possible by following these preparation tips. Arrange […]

11 Easy Ways to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer — For Cheap!

Summer is in full swing and, for parents, it can feel like a particularly long season. Keeping your kids entertained until it’s back-to-school time is practically a full-time job—one that can get expensive if you’re constantly shelling out money or activities. Here are 10 ways you can avoid hearing, “I’m bored!” without breaking the bank. […]

June is National PTSD Month — Here Are Some Resources for Those Affected

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a mental condition that comes about after witnessing a terrifying or traumatizing event. Unfortunately, many former or current military members are affected by PTSD, and it can become a debilitating condition that causes stress and anxiety in daily life, nightmares and difficulty adjusting to everyday tasks. These symptoms can […]

Moving Tips for Military Families and Their Kids

Being faced with a big move is difficult for any family, but for a military family, the possibility of moving becomes all the more likely. If your family is being faced with relocation, here are some helpful tips for how to pack, how to talk to your children and how to organize all of your […]

Five Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel More Like Home

Moving into a new apartment comes with its fair share of excitement, but also its fair share of struggles when it comes to decorating on a budget. If you want your apartment to feel more like a home quickly after you move in, there are a few smart things that you can do to make […]

Here’s How to Decorate Your Rental Home on a Budget

Spring is just around the corner, which means spring cleaning — and maybe a little spring redecorating. If you’re in the mood to refresh your home, but you don’t quite have the funds for all new furniture, here are some tips for adding style and comfort on a small budget.  Mix up textures. Transform the […]

Here’s Where to Start Your Military Housing Search

Are you looking for a new home? Military housing just might be the answer. Military housing is one of the most important benefits of military life: it secures a spacious, comfortable home for you and your family, eliminates the need for difficult credit checks or expensive deposits, takes away the bulk of the financial burden of rent […]

Win a $500 Gift Card With the LMH Holiday Giveaway!

<p style="">This holiday season, <span>Lincoln</span> Military Housing is spreading some cheer (and making your holiday budgeting a bit easier) with our LMH Holiday Giveaway. We’d love to see how our residents decorate their homes for the holidays, so we’re asking that you submit a photo of your holiday decorations to be entered for a chance […]

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